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Tropical North Queensland’s Colourful Quirky Rainforest Village

Kuranda is an arts and crafts hub tucked away in the cool of the mountains just outside of Cairns.

As a traditional Djabugay owner and a ranger at Skyrail, I share stories of our ancient rainforest with our guests and introduce them to Barron Falls and the cassowary, both of which are sacred to the Djabugay people

Ranger Jeremy – Kuranda Skyrail

Street signs in Kuranda


Kuranda has been Tropical North Queensland’s favourite retreat since the early 1900s. Just 27km from Cairns and at an altitude of about 330m, Kuranda’s cool mountain climate makes for an ideal escape from the heat of the coast.

Street performer and audience in Kuranda


These days, Kuranda has a fun and festive atmosphere with welcoming locals and lots to do. The town became popular with the hippie crowd in the 1960s and ’70s, and they have left an artistic and musical legacy that can still be enjoyed today. Look out for the amazing street art and talented buskers performing on street corners.

kuranda original markets


There are two outdoor markets – the Kuranda Original Rainforest Markets open Thursday to Monday and the Heritage Markets open Thursday to Sunday. You can find locally made clothing and jewellery, wood carvings, leatherwork, ceramics, gemstones and Indigenous art. There’s lots of fresh local produce like macadamias, coffee and fruit, as well as organic juices, snacks and international cuisine.

Birds in Kuranda


See some of Tropical North Queensland’s most iconic wildlife at the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, Birdworld, the Koala Gardens and Rainforestation Nature Park. Get up close and personal with the animals – cuddle a koala or feed a wallaby.

Barron Falls after heavy rain


The most famous waterfall lookout in Queensland is just outside Kuranda. Barron Falls is a steep, 125m tiered waterfall that plunges out of the rainforest. It’s at its most spectacular during the wet season. Explore the national park on foot through a series of interlinked walkways like the Jumrum Creek Walk, Kuranda Village Circuit Walk or the River Walk. For a more strenuous hike, there are trails connecting Cairns with the Barron River.

Kuranda train crosses stoney creek falls


See the park from above with the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, which runs for 7.5km above the rainforest canopy of the Barron Gorge National Park. Or take a ride on the historic Kuranda Scenic Railway, dating back to the 1890s. The train runs on the edge of the rainforest from Cairns to Kuranda, through 15 hand-cut tunnels and across 37 bridges.


  • Because of its altitude, Kuranda has a much cooler and less humid climate than Cairns. Average daytime temperatures are between 26 and 29.5 degrees in the dry season (June-October) and 28 to 31.5 degrees in the wet season (November-May), with humidity in the wet season around 70 per cent.

  • Make sure you have a meal at Frogs Restaurant which opened in 1980 and is still one of the best restaurants in town. Or try the much-talked-about crepes at Petit Cafe.

  • Learn about the local Indigenous culture with the Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience at Rainforestation. It includes traditional dance performance and a Dreamtime walk with displays of spear and boomerang throwing.

Discover More

Explore more of this charming mountain town – from its vibrant artistic community to a huge array of outdoor adventures.

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The Rainforest People of Kuranda

Known as the colourful village in the rainforest, Kuranda has a much deeper history that stretches way beyond its famous quirky markets. Learn more about the Indigenous people who have called Kuranda home for at least 10,000 years.

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Riverside Walk Kuranda
Walks in Kuranda

Experience the famous village in the rainforest along a network of easy trails that introduce you to the surrounding Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Accommodating all types of walkers, discover the amazing scenery that exists a stone’s throw from Kuranda’s shopping experience.

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Kuranda train crosses stoney creek falls
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Kuranda, the picturesque village on the Atherton Tablelands, is home to many of our tropical wild friends, so where better to go animal-spotting than at one of Kuranda’s many wildlife gardens and sanctuaries.

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The ultimate Kuranda shopping list

In addition to the bounty of scenery nature has provided, there are plenty of shopping opportunities in the village courtesy of a vibrant arts-and-crafts community and strong Indigenous heritage.

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Skyrail road view
Wet Tropics Rainforest
6 reasons to see the rainforest with Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Welcome to Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, an aerial experience through Australia’s most famous rainforest, the Wet Tropics.

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View from Kuranda range lookout

Getting here

  • By cableway

    Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is a unique experience that glides over the canopy of Australia’s World Heritage listed Wet Tropics Rainforest.

  • Car driving on Kuranda range

    By car

    Kuranda Village is situated high in the rainforest and mountains of Tropical North Queensland and travelling there is a wonderful scenic experience in itself. Hire a car to give yourself the freedom to move at your own pace.

  • Bus at Rainforeststation

    By coach/bus

    Tours to Kuranda Village depart Cairns and Port Douglas, daily. Bundling popular tourist attractions is a cost-effective way to experience what Tropical North Queensland has to offer.

  • Kuranda train carriage at station

    By rail

    Discover the natural beauty and unique characteristics of a Wold Heritage-listed rainforest as you hop aboard one of the most picturesque railways in Australia.

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Moody train rides & spectacular views of the Kuranda Range on board #KurandaScenicRailway 🌿✨ Discover the natural beauty of the @wettropicsworldheritage rainforest as you hop aboard one of the most picturesque railways in @australia 🚞 You’ll be weaving your way through mountain ranges & past stunning waterfalls as you travel through 15 handmade tunnels & across 37 breathtaking bridges 🦋⛰ Looking for a fancier ride? Sit back & relax in Gold class luxury as you enjoy a drink & dine on tasty local produce 🍇🥂
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All aboard! 🚂 Discover the natural beauty & unique characteristics of a @wettropicsworldheritage rainforest as you wind through the mountains on board one of the most picturesque railways in @australia 🌴 Did you know ⁉️ The first passenger services on the Kuranda Railway began on this day in 1891 😲🚞 But it wasn’t until much later that the railway became a tourist attraction travelling from #Cairns to @kurandavillage 🦋
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Have you travelled on the Kuranda Scenic Rail to #Kuranda before? 🚂 If you had, then this famous bend in the journey might be familiar 🍃Stoney Creek Falls tumbles down the gorge below, creating freshwater rock pools perfect for cooling off in! Photo by @joshnicholson___ #exploreTNQ
When you overindulged on the weekend, now forced to exercise on a Monday 🙄or a better option might be to visit this cuddly cutie at the @kurandakoalagardens located in #Kuranda, the village in the rainforest 🐨🌿Photo by @jilarapearl #exploreTNQ
Just confirming you're not in Pandora but in fact, you're looking at the beautiful #BarronFalls ✨ During this wet season pay a visit to #Kuranda to catch a glimpse of the mighty Barron in all of its raging glory 💦😱 Photo by @liamebe #exploreTNQ
This picture by @_sarahlatham says it all... #BarronFalls in #Kuranda is going bonkers with the recent downpour of rain 🙌🌧 Take your pick between these epic vantage points – @SkyrailCairns, @KurandaScenicRail & the Barron Falls Lookout to see this raging beauty 👀😍 #exploreTNQ
Slow start little Boo? 💤 Apparently, it's never too hot for a sleepy squish from mum, as you can see from Boo the wombat at @kurandakoalagardens 😅 A boutique wildlife park set amongst lush rainforest at #Kuranda, come say g'day to a number of different native animals like koalas to kangaroos 🐨👋 #exploreTNQ
Do I have to get out of bed today? 😴😒 We all know those feels well, but luckily there's so much to see & do in #Kuranda that's worth getting up for, including saying hi to this cuddly cutie at the @kurandakoalagardens 👋🐨 #exploreTNQ
Did you catch a glimpse of the mighty #BarronFalls in #Kuranda this week? 🙌 With all this recent rain, make like @jilarapearl & go chase waterfalls for a moment to appreciate glorious mother nature 💦 #exploreTNQ
Don't be shy, come and say hello to Keita, the local resident of @rainforestation in #Kuranda 👋 You can catch this handsome fella taking a cool bath or strutting his stuff around the park daily 🌿☀️ Have you seen a Cassowary before? 🤔 #exploreTNQ

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