Tropical Vibes

I went up to direct a documentary in north Queensland and … that’s when I saw this extraordinary place and put a down-payment straight away.

– Actress Diane Cilento

Enchanting Tropical North Queensland

People often say visiting Tropical North Queensland feels like a world away from the rest of Australia. That’s because life operates a little differently in North Queensland. From ancient culture and modern marvels, larrikin characters and must-see creatures to reef and rainforest, peaks and palm trees, it’s the perfect place to enter a new state of mind.

Playing on the beach

A welcome state of mind

There’s a reason Tropical North Queensland has a reputation for being the most laid-back part of the country. It’s hard to take life too seriously when the sun shines year round, the reef glistens at your doorstep and the thermometer rarely drops below a balmy 25C (77 F). It’s not just the weather that’s warm, either – the people in the Tropical North are about as friendly and welcoming as they come. You’ll tend to find them soaking up the sunshine most of the year – taking a refreshing dip before work, cooling off under a waterfall, snorkelling the reef, or simply lounging in a deckchair. You won’t get a warmer welcome anywhere else.


Sharing a food plate

Learn what laid-back really means

The weather not only influences how Tropical North Queenslanders are but how they live as well. Everyone embraces the outdoor lifestyle and you can experience it, too: sip on an ice-cold beer on a pub’s shaded verandah; feast on an alfresco breakfast by the water; drink cocktails as the setting sun casts its glow over the Coral Sea. In the long, balmy evenings, revel in a meal under the stars prepared from the finest local produce – from tropical fruit that bursts with flavour to fresh-from-the-boat seafood that’s as good as anything in the world.


Pouring a coffee

Meet the characters who call this place home

Tropical North Queensland has its share of larger-than-life personalities as well as others who quietly share their fascinating life stories. Ask a local a question and you might find yourself still chatting 20 minutes later, armed with knowledge about secluded beaches, “secret” waterfalls, the best place for a coffee. Encounter Indigenous custodians at Mossman Gorge, farmers at Rusty’s Market, guides who explore lava tubes all day or learn from the passionate marine biologists who spend their days on the reef.



Tap into the magic of Tropical North Queensland & let its warmth wash over you.

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