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Helmet Diving

Marvel at the world below, without getting your hair wet

Be honest. You want to do more than just enjoy your Great Barrier Reef holiday; ideally, you want to rack up some serious been-there-done-that points. We have just the activity for you. Helmet diving not only scores highly on the “You did what?” scale; it’s so easy that anyone can do it. You don’t even have to be able to swim.

How does it work? Your head is encased in a helmet – yes, a bit like an astronaut’s helmet – which is connected to the surface via an air-hose that provides a constant supply of oxygen. Once you’re in the water, you’ll walk along a submerged platform, placed to give you a great view of the marine life. It’s a little like scuba diving, but you’re breathing normally the whole time, and you won’t even get your hair wet. And if you wear glasses, you can keep them on during the helmet dive.

Helmet diving is a great way for non-divers to get a first-hand view of colourful reef action, with fish swimming all around you. A certified scuba diver accompanies every dive.

And what are you likely to see through your helmet? At Green Island and Cairns’ three reef pontoons where the experience is offered, you might see maori wrasse and turtles along with smaller reef fish; at Green Island, you might be lucky enough to encounter Gavin, a parrot fish with a penchant for photobombing.

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