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Seen from under the water, the Great Barrier Reef is dazzling. Apart from the corals that come in all colours and shapes – purples and pinks, blues and yellows, spiky staghorns and delicate fan corals, brain corals and table corals – there is an endless array of marine life to marvel at, from tiny damselfish to imposing Maori wrasse, darting rays to curious turtles.

The good news is, you don’t need to dive in to enjoy the view. If you would rather stay dry, glass-bottom boat tours are a great way to open a window onto this enchanting world. Perfect for the less mobile or families with young children, these tours give crystal-clear views of what is happening beneath the surface, often with an expert commentator on hand.

The action doesn’t stop at the end of the day, either. Ever wondered what the reef looks like at night? Opt for an after-dark glass tour. Thanks to special ultraviolet lights, these tours let you see what happens after the sun sets and the coral polyps get active.

Or consider a semi-submersible … sitting about a metre underwater and surrounded by glass, you’ll get a fish-eye view of the reef wonderland from these air-conditioned vessels. Divers and snorkellers don’t need to miss out on these boating adventures either: there are plenty of tours that incorporate both glass-bottom boats and semi-submersibles along with underwater exploration.

View beautiful coral from a glass bottom boat on the Great Barrier Reef

Through the looking glass

Discover what lies beneath the reef – and stay dry – on a glass-bottom boat.

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