aerial photo of north queensland beach


  • Mossman

    Mossman is a picturesque little township nestled at the foot of the mountains among bright green fields of sugar cane. [more…]

  • Cow Bay

    After crossing the Alexandra Range visitors encounter the first bit of ‘civilisation’ north of the Daintree River at Cow Bay, [more…]

  • Milbi Wall (The Story Wall)

    To acknowledge the significance of the first known European contact with the Aboriginal people of the area, Cook Shire Council [more…]

  • Mary Watson Monument Cooktown

    This monument was erected in 1886 by the residents of Cooktown honouring Mrs Mary Watson. Mary, her infant son and [more…]

  • Cooktown War Memorial

    Recruitment for WWI in the Cooktown region drew men from the tin mining industries around Rossville and Shiptons Flat to [more…]

  • Quinkan Reserves Ancient Rock Art

    Famous for its rock art, Quinkan Country contains a large and dramatic body of prehistoric rock paintings. These galleries have [more…]

  • Wujal Wujal

    Wujal Wujal is the local Kuku-Yalanji clan name meaning ‘many falls’, highlighting the many sacred waterfalls in their landscape. This [more…]

  • Weipa

    Weipa is a mining town built by Comalco to house its employees and their families, government workers and support people [more…]

  • Seisia

    Seisia is Australia’s most northerly community and departure point for a range of marine based activities – day trips with [more…]

  • Pormpuraaw

    Visitors come from all over Australia to enjoy the excellent fishing at Pormpuraaw, on the west coast of Queensland. Situated [more…]