aerial photo of north queensland beach

great barrier reef

  • Haggerstone Island

    Haggerstone Island is located on the Great Barrier Reef, about 600 kilometres north of Cairns alongside the rugged Cape York [more…]

  • Tijou Reef

    Located off Port Douglas on the Great Barrier Reef is Tijou Reef, home to many different dive sites, particularly the [more…]

  • Agincourt Reef

    Agincourt Reef, off Port Douglas on the Great Barrier Reef, is a series of many smaller reefs with at least [more…]

  • Low Isles

    Situated 15 kilometres north-east of Port Douglas, the Low Isles comprise a four acre coral cay surrounded by 55 acres [more…]

  • Dunk Island

    Dunk Island a stunning island just off the coast of Mission Beach in north Queensland. Most of the island is [more…]

  • Bedarra Island

    Just off the Tropical North Queensland coast, midway between Townsville and Cairns, lies Bedarra Island – a part of the [more…]

  • Wreck Bay Dive Site

    Wreck Bay is located on the eastern side of Agincourt Reef No.3, off Port Douglas, and is a site that [more…]

  • Whale Bommie Dive Site

    Whale Bommie is a giant coral head located off the southern side of Milln Reef. This popular Cairns dive site [more…]

  • Two Towers Dive Site

    Two Towers could be called Two Big Towers and Several Smaller Towers as this site is a wonderful collection of [more…]

  • Twin Peaks Dive Site

    Saxon Reef off Cairns is dotted with a number of wonderful dive sites, including the brilliant Twin Peaks. Two huge [more…]