Barron Falls in Flood

Summer lives on in Autumn

Average Cairns temperatures: 21.6ºC (min) / 29.2ºC (max)

Autumn looks good in green

After the summer rains have turned the landscape a vibrant green, the rejuvenating rains continue through this period, generally lessening as autumn goes along. The landscape is lush, the creeks and rivers are full of water and waterfall chasing is spectacular.

It’s a great time to stay in the rainforest or to get the adrenaline pumping on a white water rafting trip. Leaves don’t fall in tropical autumns, they grow.

Nandroya Falls wet season

Bask in nature’s power

Don’t think just because summer is over, waterfall chasing just goes away. In fact, you’ll often be able to experience the full force of Barron Falls through Autumn as the rains continue to replenish the land.

Chase waterfalls

Adrenaline rush

With gushing waterfalls, it should come as no surprise that this is a prime time to get the adrenaline pumping.

Take a white water rafting tour down the Barron or Tully Rivers, surrounded by World Heritage Rainforest. Or for something more relaxed but equally as fun, float down Mossman River on a River Drift Snorkel tour.

Adventure awaits

Daintree Discovery Centre

Relax in the rainforest

When the rains are a pourin’, the rainforest starts calling. If you’re more of a relaxed traveller, perch up in a rainforest and enjoy the downtime and the soothing rain.

While you don’t have to wait until the rain pauses to get out and about – tropical rain is warm and refreshing – you won’t necessarily have rain the entire time and you can get out and about to explore the rainforest at its prime.

World’s oldest tropical rainforest

Sleep in the rainforest

swag tent village at undara experience

Green season

From around April, the outback “reopens” after summer and with it, an extraordinary experience like you’ve never seen. The rains have painted the landscape green, instead of its usual earthy warm tones making it an incredible time to explore.

Swimming holes have replenished, wetlands are full of wildlife and you’ll find a sense of calmness that only exists in rural and remote areas of Australia.

Gulf Savannah & Outback

Cardwell Spa Pool

Bringing back the blue

Towards the end of autumn, as rains become less frequent, the iconic Cardwell Spa Pools return to their more placid blue state.

Cardwell Spa Pool


  • Sweet tropical produce remains in abundance through this period. Stock up on local fruits at markets or roadside fruit stalls.

  • Always take care at swimming holes and waterfalls and heed the advice from National Parks. Only swim where it is safe to do so and never venture into flooded waters. Sometimes it’s safer to admire from afar.

  • Glide above the canopy with Skyrail Rainforest Cableway on a misty day. There’s nothing quite like venturing into the clouds watching the rainforest disappear into the undergrowth below.

  • Marine stingers may be present in coastal waters through autmn. It’s recommended you wear a protective suit to help shield you from the sun and to minimise the risk of jellyfish stings.

Your adventure starts here

Start planning your Tropical North Queensland itinerary.

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