Lookout from top of falls at sunset

Weather And Seasons

When to come

The climate is one of the best things about Tropical North Queensland – you can have a great holiday at any time of year. But the weather can be very different to what you’ll find in other parts of the country, so you’ll need to know what to expect.


In the tropics, there are really only two seasons – wet and dry. The wet season runs from November to April, and brings with it longer and warmer days with a higher than usual chance of rain but don’t let that deter you. Although monsoon troughs and storms are more common, it very rarely rains all day and you’ll usually enjoy sunny days with a storm in the afternoon or evening.

During the wet season, the colours of the rainforest are at their brightest and the waterfalls are full and spectacular. The water around the Great Barrier Reef is calm at this time of year, so it’s perfect for snorkelling and diving. May to October is the dry season. The air is cooler, but temperatures still reach the high 20s and rarely drop below 17 degrees. Rainfall is low and you can expect gorgeous sunny days, making it the most popular time to visit the region. The ocean is free of marine stingers during this time, so you can swim almost anywhere without nets or suits for protection.

Wallicher Falls