World Rafting Championships “Tame the Tully” 2019

13 - 20 May 2019

Event Details

Over 1,000 of the world’s best rafters will travel to the Cassowary Coast for a chance to become the ‘ best of the best’.

Held over 8 days from 13- 20 May 2019, teams from 50 countries will compete through a combination of disciplines that include sprints, head to head, slalom and downriver.

The event will be held on the world-renowned Tully River, on a section of iconic Grade IV water spilling through the world heritage rainforest of Tropical North Queensland.

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  • Accessibility

    Accessible facilities available. Please contact operator for specific details.

Event Location

World Rafting Championships “Tame the Tully” 2019

Queensland Australia

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Event Information

Food & Beverages

At the event on the Tully River there will be food trucks which you can purchase lunch and snacks at. We encourage you to bring along snacks.

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Tully River

Zig Zag, Sharks Tooth, Corkscrew & Cochables