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Feast of the Senses

28 - 31 March 2019

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The Feast of the Senses is North Queensland’s premier Tropical Food Experience and the Cassowary Coast’s major festival centred around the town of Innisfail, an hour’s drive south of Cairns.

The festival showcases the region’s impressive variety of rare and exotic fruits whilst also including an impressive range of produce including meat, seafoods, herbs, spices and wine. Nowhere else will you find such a diverse and tantalising range of produce and culture, as in this region of Australia.  

Presenting a smorgasbord of fine fare,  the festival has grown into a celebration of this vibrant and multi-cultural local community, attracting visitors from throughout Australia and overseas.   The region boasts a vast array of tropical and exotic fruits which have been collected over the past 30 years from all corners of the tropical world.  Mixed together with the many ethnic cultures in the region and the unique concentration of Innisfail’s Art Deco features, Feast of the Senses celebrates everything that makes this part of the world stunning. 

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Event Location

Feast of the Senses

Queensland Australia

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Event Information

The Feast of the Senses is North Queensland’s premier tropical fruit event! Showcasing our amazing variety of exotic tropical Fruits and Produce it is like no other festival in Australia and is truly a feast for all of your senses!

Over the festival period, visitors will be able to see, touch, taste, and smell the amazing ultra tropical fruit and food that comes from this vibrant region!

Events include:

Australian Food Fare

Food Trails

Mini Workshops

Banana Olympics

Market Day Extravaganza

Bananathon Challenge

Gala Dinner