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Cooktown Expo 2020 – Reconciliation Rocks Music Festival

17 - 19 July 2020

Event Details

The first weekend of the Cooktown Expo 2020 will feature the Reconciliation Rocks Music Festival. Featuring some of the region’s best known Indigenous and non-Indigenous performing artists in a showcase of art, culture, fashion, language workshops, exhibitions, storytelling and tours. The Reconciliation Rocks Concert headline artists on Saturday 18 July are Troy Cassar-Daley, Busby Marou and Mau Power.

A “Back in Time” showcase will include bush tucker tasting, weaving, regional Indigenous art exhibitions, fashion show and Gurrma (a traditional underground oven restaurant)

There will be a live performance and re-enactment of the landing of Captain Cook and his interactions with the Guugu Yimithirr bama.

  • Cooktown Expo 2020 – Reconciliation Rocks Music Festival


    Cook Area
    Queensland Australia

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Cooktown Expo 2020 – Reconciliation Rocks Music Festival

Cook Area
Queensland Australia

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Event Information

Cooktown Expo 2020 feature three festivals, the other two are:

July 24-26, Discovery Festival

Includes an Indigenous Showcase, art, culture, language, food, storytelling, history and the arrival of the Replica of Captain Cook’s ship HM Bark Endeavour which will stay for two weeks and conduct shore to ship encounters.


August 1-4, Endeavour Festival

Highlights navigation, botany, astronomy, cartography, aviation, the Endeavour Ball and Re-enactment of Cook’s landing in 1770 and farewell of the Endeavour Replica.

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‘Sound of Summer’ is the new single by Busby Marou

“Cooktown Discovery Festival” is locked Cooktown Discovery Festival

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