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What does the Great Barrier Reef look like today?

The reef in real-time

The tourism industry works closely with the scientific community to monitor and protect the Great Barrier Reef making it the world’s best-managed reef system. Each visitor contributes to its ongoing protection through the payment of an environmental management charge and can further help by simply taking photographs.

Share your photos and video of the amazing coral formations and life on the reef by using the hashtag #GreatBarrierReefToday. You can also upload your photos to the Eye on the Reef Sightings Network. Your contribution helps the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority monitor the World Heritage Area.

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This map showcases recent photos of the Great Barrier Reef and the location of the reef systems where they were taken. Some operators have been visiting the same reef for over 40 years and their ongoing connection with these sites ensures that any changes are quickly reported and monitored.

Data collected 20 May 2020

WHAT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING ON GREAT BARRIER REEF TODAY?Very latest REEF TODAY, filmed yesterday Friday 21 and Thursday 20 on reef. Presented by Gareth Phillips, filmed and produced by Stuart Ireland. This imagery is all recent, unlike a majority of imagery circulating in mainstream media and online. Calm conditions, increased UV and warm February waters have caused some minor bleaching on certain species and individual colonies. It's still too early to predict what will happen, but the weekend conditions are bringing rain, cloud and cooler conditions which will help reduce heat stress. I encourage all image makers on reef to capture and send RECENT imagery to eye on the reef Great Barrier Reef Marine Park , TTNQ and REEF TODAY. Please don't send old imagery. For latest reef health reports GBRMPA are posting weekly updates.For latest reef education updates Reef Teach, Cairns, AustraliaFor latest REEF TODAY updates please visit and follow our Vimeo channel NOTE, I must stress that even if we escape bleaching this year, the reef is still under enormous pressure from increasing sea temperatures, ocean acidification, among others. While I believe only the reef can save itself, we can protect and nurture it by changing our ways right now, but it all starts with us as individuals. Everyone must do there part #LoveTheReef #greatbarrierreef #reefteachcairns #reefteach #calypsoreefimagery #reeftoday #coral #coralbleaching #exploreFNQ #nature

Posted by Calypso Reef Imagery on Friday, February 21, 2020

Reef Today

Cairns Marine Biologists Stuart Ireland from Calypso Productions and Gareth Phillips from Reef Teach give an update on the conditions of the Great Barrier Reef on 20 February 2020 as part of their Reef Today series. This video was shot at Moore Reef.