Atherton Tablelands

  • Old town young heart: your guide to Yungaburra

    It’s no coincidence the Atherton Tablelands village of Yungaburra attracts visitors from far and wide. This village, 1200m above sea level, translates to Meeting Place in local indigenous dialect – and the trail of headlights coming from Cairns each weekend proves it.

  • Lake Koombooloomba

    Kareeya power station was commissioned in 1999, and was developed in line with principles of environmentally sustainable development. Its location [more…]

  • Bat Hospital Visitor Centre, The

    Enjoy an intriguing insight into the world of bats. The Bat Hospital Visitor Centre has Advanced Ecotourism accreditation and offers [more…]

  • Mt Hypipamee

    The Hypipamee crater is referred to as a volcanic pipe. The pipe was opened upward through surface rocks by gas [more…]

  • Yungaburra Visitor Information Centre

    This Information Centre is situated right in the centre of Yungaburra directly opposite the iconic Lake Eacham Hotel. The modern [more…]

  • Lambs Head (Kahlpahlim Rock)

    Lambs Head isn’t for the faint-hearted, but not impossible with a good set of hiking boots or trail runners to [more…]

  • Gallo Dairyland

    A short drive from Cairns situated on the Atherton Tablelands, Gallo Dairyland provides a unique and tasty experience. Gallo Dairyland [more…]

  • Crocodile Trophy

    Known as the oldest and one of the most demanding Mountain Bike stage race in the world. 

  • Malanda Falls Visitor Centre

    The rebuilt Malanda Falls Visitor Centre, and its award winning modern building reflects the area’s geological formations, and the connection [more…]

  • Herberton Mining Museum and Visitor Information Centre

    The Herberton Mining and Visitor Information Centre is located on Jack’s Road in Herberton. This accredited visitor information centre offers [more…]