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Travel points for eco-travel choices put you in the green

It’s easy being green in Tropical North Queensland with the new Qantas Green tier program, which rewards travellers for making sustainable choices at home and when they travel.

Qantas is the world’s first airline to implement a sustainable frequent flyer rewards program. The Green tier program will sit along existing flying tiers and Qantas Frequent Flyers will be rewarded for an abundance of eco-initiatives, including carbon offsetting flights, staying in eco-hotels, walking to work and installing solar panels at home.

Tropical North Queensland is a natural fit for holidaymakers wishing to travel responsibly, with Australia’s highest concentration of Eco certified experiences by Ecotourism Australia. Home to the world’s oldest living culture and two World Heritage treasures side-by-side, the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics rainforest, responsible travel is especially important to the region.

The local tourism industry has led the way, not just via certification, but with their own initiatives such as the Coral Nurture Program and reforesting wildlife corridors alongside the world’s oldest rainforest to ensure the long-term resilience of these precious biospheres, both of which are some of the most biodiverse environments on earth.

Port Douglas and Daintree is Australia's first Eco Destination

Coral Nurture Program coral nursery

The region is also home to Ecotourism Australia’s first Eco Destination, Port Douglas and Daintree, which was awarded certification in 2019. 80% of the destination’s economy is generated from tourism, whilst 80% of its land is protected under World Heritage listing.

Visit the Qantas Hotels website to earn Green tier Frequent Flyer points on the array of eco-stays in the tropics, and find out more about how the Green tier program will encourage visitors to make more sustainable travel choices that will support local culture, community and the environment.

To celebrate the launch of the Green tier program, we’ve teamed up with Qanter to give away the ultimate eco-trip to Tropical North Queensland including 100% carbon offset airfares, luxury eco-accommodation, sustainable tours and more!

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