Stretching from Daintree Village across the river, the Daintree encompasses Cape Kimberley, Cow Bay, Thornton's Peak, Cooper Creek, Thornton Beach, Noah Valley, Cape Tribulation and the Bloomfield Track to the north.

This is the home of the world's oldest surviving rainforest with examples of plant species that existed millions of years ago. Be dwarfed by king ferns and giant bull kauri pines, watch for the flash of blue that gives away the cassowary moving through the evergreen forest or discover tiny fish in cool freshwater pools.

Winding for 140 kilometres, the Daintree River is one of the longest rivers on Australia's east coast providing diverse habitats for many species. Cruise along it to spot prehistoric crocodiles and colourful birds or join a fishing charter to haul in a mighty barramundi.

Guided walks, Four Wheel Drive or Eight Wheel Drive tours also give an insight into this special environment. Sir David Attenborough described the Daintree rainforest as extraordinary after a recent visit filming in the area, telling viewers around the world he was particularly impressed with the region's diverse birdlife.

Daintree village has a number of eateries, artists' studios, local souvenir shops and a general store with a post office, bottle shop and information and tour booking centre. It is the last stop-off before the Daintree River Ferry which takes you across the river even deeper into the Daintree rainforest.

Choose to stay in a discreet eco-resort, amazing tree house, join the fun crowd at a backpacker resort or get to know the locals at an intimate bed and breakfast. Venture out at night when the rainforest puts on a spectacular show with mammals emerging for midnight feasts, bush turkeys hosting noisy parties and frogs providing the rainforest chorus.

Things to do in Daintree

Daintree Discovery Centre, Daintree River Cruise Centre, Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours and Jungle Adventures Nightwalks, Ocean Safari,

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There are numberous Daintree hotels, accommodation and Daintree rainforest tour options for you to experience and enjoy. Across the Daintree River, Cape Tribulation is a scenic 38 kilometre drive further north from the Daintree and also offers an exciting choice of eco accommodation, Cape Tribulation hotels and tours.

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Things to do in Daintree

Things to do

Journey amongst 150 million year old rainforest through the lush Alexandra Range, to spectacular lookout points and glorious tropical beaches of this ancient land. To truly appreciate this spectacular rainforest, it is best to stay, unwind and listen to the night sounds then wake up to a peaceful serenade of tropical bird songs.

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